Port of Emden

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General information

Geographically the westernmost German seaport of Emden is conveniently situated in relation to the offshore wind farms in the North Sea. It is a high-capacity production, assembly, logistics and distribution centre for plant components and spare parts for onshore and offshore wind turbines. Besides, the location lends itself as a service base for supply, repair and maintenance of offshore wind turbines. The offshore port of Emden has many years of experience as a wind power hub and therefore has modern handling equipment and suitable storage areas as well as highly trained staff at its disposal.

According to the port development concept of 2009, approx. 1,050 ha port development area will be available in the future in Emden. Out of these, 105 ha at the so called "Wybelsum Polder" can be developed for settlements immediately. These areas are suitable both for production and assembly, service or consolidation of wind power components.

Further Information

Experience in handling of wind turbines & components
yes, since 1997
Status security level


Port handling companies

Available commercial areas for
establishment of companies:
105 ha at Wybelsumer Polder*
134,00 ha at Rysumer Nacken*
105 ha at Wybelsumer Polder*
134,00 ha at Rysumer Nacken*
105 ha at Wybelsumer Polder*
134,00 ha at Rysumer Nacken* 

Daten des bestehenden Hafens:

Pier length:
Water depth (MLW):
5.00 - 11.90m
Maximum vessel length:
260 m (outer port), 250 m (inner port)
Tidal range:
Number of berths:
up to 120 berths, of these 12 ro-ro berths and 1 mobile ro-ro ramp (incl. Inland water vessel berths)
Jacking-up of installation vessels possible:
Heavy load capability:
yes (minimum of 6 t/m²)
Heavy load capacity / m²:
diverging; examination of foundation ground necessary

EMS Maritime Offshore GmbH

e p a s - Ems Ports Agency & Stevedoring Bet. GmbH & Co. KG

EVAG Emder Verkehrs und Automotive Gesellschaft mbH


Companies based here

Jakob Weets Spedition

Contact for setting up business locations

Niedersachsen Ports GmbH & Co. KG
Niederlassung Emden
Friedrich-Naumann-Straße 7 – 9
26725 Emden

Mrs. Hanne Hollander
Phone: +49 4921 / 897 – 335

* Hafenplan Emden (areas available marked in orange)

Handling equipment

Port cranes available:
19 cranes / capacity up to 450 t
Floating cranes available:
available on request
Special features:

Transport connection

Distance to nearest motorway:
3,00 km
Rail connection available:
Road link capable of handling heavy loads:
yes (110 t)
European inland waterway connection:
Distance to nearest airport:
6 km / Airfield Emden, 130 km / Airport Bremen
Helicopter landing pad:
6 km / Airfield Emden

Nautical accessibility

Approach channel (sm):
38 sm
Pilotage compulsory:
Vessel traffic control on the waterway:
no, traffic monitoring only
yes, for the inner port (length 260m, width 40m, depth 11.76m)
Constructions – bridges/mast heights:
electrical transmission towers in the inner port (65 m)